About Us

Based in Poole, Dorset, Applied Karate Academy was founded by Steve Goodhand in 2006. SMA is a member of the English Karate Federation (EKF) / World Karate Federation NGB for Karate in England.

The club is fundamentally Shotokan Karate however we cross-train, therefore many elements of martial arts are included (striking, kicking, throwing and grappling). The training covers technique, pad work, forms and street self defence. This is also supplemented with weapons training/defence. Karate will help to develop awareness, confidence, power, speed and coordination. You also have the opportunity to compete in any discipline including: karate, freestyle, MMA and kickboxing. There is no stress on competition; its entirely up to the student if they want to compete.


As a member of the SMA you will also be a member of EKF one of the largest martial art governing bodies in the country.

Benefits Include

  • Quality control through the EKF
  • Nationally recognised Dan and Kyu gradings
  • Access to competition including South Coast Applied Karate Championships and EKF Nationals
  • Regular access to training sessions with visiting instructors
  • A variety of training techniques covering all areas of combat
  • Nationally recognised qualified instructors with CRB certificates and comprehensive liability insurance
  • Martial arts club liabilities insurance (2million), lawfully allowing martial arts training

Dojo Fees

Insurance & Membership per year £10

8 Class per week available (5x live and x3 Zoom classes)

Monthly Fees 1 class per week

  • Student and Unemployed: £20
  • Non: £24
  • Zoom £12
  • Children: £24
  • More than one per family: £10

Pay as you go

  • Pay as you go £8

University Course Separate from these fees (uni paid direct)

  • £42 per term (9 week course)

Term Times

  • October to February
  • February to May
  • May to July
  • July to October

Membership Form

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