Sports Chanbara


What is Sports Chanbara?

Since the 1970’s Sports Chanbara (Lit. sport sword fighting; aka Spochan) has been growing steadily around the world. This challenging and fun sport is open all regardless of sex or age. Even those with no background in the martial arts can quickly learn the basics and enjoy the competition and excitement of sword fighting but in a safe and pain free environment and without the need of armour.

Individuals can learn how to use the following weapons;

Kodachi (short sword)
Choken (long sword)
Nito (Two swords)

All the weapons used are ISCA approved air weapons. Types of competition matches include; Taisen (one on one fighting) Ransen (unequal teams such as one against three) Kassen (even teams such as five against five or in the case of Ikusa even fifty against fifty). In addition participants can take part in competitions from club level to international tournaments.

Iaido (The Art of Swordsmanship)

To supplement Chanbara we also pratice afew basic Iaido forms and sword technique. We also incorprate modern weapon defence in our usual applied karate classes.

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