childrens karate

Family Karate

Satori Children’s Karate teaches to students from the age of 5. Your Child will develop a variety of skills including discipline, awareness, confidence, coordination, strength, speed and flexibility. Sporting activity especially martial arts are especially beneficial for a child?s physical and mental development. Parents can are also more than welcome to join in too.

Techniques included are
– Kicking
– Pressure Points
– Throwing (sweeping)
– Joint Locks
– Striking

Your main Instructor for Satori Bournemouth will be Steve Goodhand. Steve is a versatile martial artist who has a taught children in both martial arts and academically in schools. The classes usually have 2 or more black belt instructors, Sensei’s Steve and Matthew . All our instructors are fully insured and have up to date DBS checks.

Safe Kids Campaign

The NAKMAS National Governing Body has devised, the NAKMAS Safe Kids Campaign in order to teach children who are licensed by NAKMAS to become aware of and how to cope and deal with bullying and abuse

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