Class Booking

Rules of The Gym

Please us the below calendar to book your class at TUF Gym. Please pay via paypal or bacs to reverse you spot. Contact for more info

  • All must wear masks before allowed entry
  • No parents/carers allowed in the gym unless training.
  • Please use hand gel before entering the gym
  • Please maintain social distancing
  • No spectators are not allow in the gym
  • All equipment must be cleaned between classes

Rules for Karate

  • You must wait outside the gym with proper distancing before class
  • You will go in 1 at a time and receive a head scan to check your temperature. You will not be permitted to train if you have a temperature (37.7 or above)
  • You must remove your outside shoes and jackets then move to an area in the gym
  • Only family members or house mates may make contact. Strictly no contact is allow.
  • Leave the Gym with proper social distancing (2 metres+)

Any questions feel free to contact

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