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Combat Karate

Freestyle Karate Rules

All Divisions Basics

Contests consist of 2 rounds of continuous action fighting, with a break between rounds. Scoring techniques include strikes and kicks, as well as legally authorized throwing techniques, reversals, and ground strikes.

In the event of a tie after the 2rd round; additional 1 minute rounds will be held and scored until a winner is determined.


Order of merit for technique, lower to upper tiers.

Tier 1

  • Hand strikes to the body and head
  • Kick to body
  • Takedown Defensive

Tier 2

  • Kicks to the head (including hook kicks)
  • Takedown

Tier 3

  • Takedown to hold down

Tier 4

  • Kicks to the head (clean contact not hook kick)
  • Takedown to strikes


  • No score for uncontrolled or “scruffy techniques”
  • Takedowns and head kicks are the same value as above!


  • Punches, kicks and strikes to legal target areas
  • Sweeps and Base leg sweeping techniques
  • Throwing techniques
  • Pinning and Control Techniques


Once grapping is initiated the competitors have 10 seconds to perform a takedown or throw

Following a successful takedown the competitor has 5 seconds to perform strikes or control (hold down)

Legal Move list

  • All hand striking techniques that hit with the padded area of the glove
  • All kicking techniques excluding contact with the heel of the foot.
  • All sweeps, throws and takedowns excluding slams and dangerous technique (see below for more information)
  • All hold downs and pins
  • Controlled ground hand strikes.
  • Adults only controlled knee strikes to body and legs.

Illegal techniques (can result is yellow card warning or red card DQ)

  • Strikes that are thrown with no control or use of excessive force to target.
  • Heal kicks to the Face Mask (T-zone) area: Eyes, nose, mouth,
  • Knees and Kicks to grounded opponent.
  • No jumping knees
  • Strikes to throat and neck
  • Strikes to the back of head
  • Kicks to the groin and knees (Note: Can kick legs)
  • Throws that cause a competitor to land on his head and/or neck
  • Submission techniques and joint manipulation. Including Chokes.
  • Defending takedowns with chokes. Note: You can under hook to arm or chest. No squeeze of the neck.
  • No wild punching. Swinging without control. Technical striking.
  • Turning your back or running away.
  • Taking a timeout with referees consent.

Safety is of the upmost importance for the competitors; at the discretion of the referee(s), a competitor may be allowed up to 2 minutes to recover from an injury following which the competitor must either continue or the round must be decided

Illegal techniques will cause a warning and could lead to disqualification.


Senior Divisions (16 and above)

More categories may be added with larger numbers of participants. Weighed in on the day 1+ kg over is fine.

Male 90kg+
Male 75kg+
Male 75kg-

Female 80kg+
Female 65kg+
Female 65kg-

2 x 90 second (1.5 minute) rounds of continuous action, Semi contact.
60 second (1min) break between rounds

Junior Divisions

KA1 (8 and under)

1 x 90 sec (1.5min) rounds of continuous action, LIGHT CONTACT.

Only single strike on the ground

KA2 (9-11)

2 x 90 sec (1.5min) rounds of continuous action, LIGHT CONTACT.
60 second (1min) break between rounds

Only single strike on the ground

KA3 (12 to 15)

Male 50kg+
Male 50kg-

Female 45kg+
Female 45kg-

2 x 90sec (1.5min) rounds of continuous action, LIGHT CONTACT
60 second (1min) break between rounds

Only single strike on the ground

Protective equipment

Adults Mandatory Equipment

  • Shin and instep pads
  • Sparring MMA gloves
  • Knee Pads
  • Gum shield
  • Groin Guard (Men)


  • Body armour
  • Head guard
  • Ear guard

Juniors Mandatory Equipment

  • Shin and instep pads
  • Sparring MMA gloves
  • Head guard (cheek or full face best option)
  • Gum shield unless full head guard
  • Groin Guard (Boys)


  • Body armour


KARATE bouts will be evaluated by 2 judges using the 10-Point-Must system. The judges will evaluate the relative merits of each fighter’s performance according to the tier scoring system.
If a the bout ends in a tie the referee can decide to either award the winner or continue to a sudden victory round.

Couple Of Past Examples

Under 84kg Mens
Over 84kg Mens

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