Applied Karate is Nonsense

The latest trend of applied karate seems to be an out of shape instructor talking about some kata bunkai for 20 minutes then performing some really bad grappling that looks only slightly similar to a kata movement.

The class then take all this nonsense in and feel they can now defend themselves. Unfortunately this is rarely the case as all the bunkai is drilled from very set positions with very complaint ukes. Usually focusing on seizing one arm and assuming the attacker wont use the other.

Another example is when the instructor is so set on making a throw look like the kata it actually becomes a lot less effective. Surely it would be better to drill the throw/takedown using correct technique and even cross training in a grappling art say judo, wrestling or BJJ. Why is it so important to make a technique look like a kata?

Unfortunately these are the same instructors who criticize any form of sport karate, calling it unrealistic. They also seem not to be able to perform basics very well, like punches, kicks, footwork, throws and so on.

But sports karate including timing, sparring, strength & conditioning and combat against different opponents outside the safety of the dojo.

Lets get real, less than 10% of modern bunaki could be applied in real sparring or competition.

But no its for the streets, or is it just an over complicated mess that stands little chance of success.

It seems that maybe they are spending too much time thinking of new bunkai and not enough performing the simple stuff that actually works in combat.

Now there of course exceptions to this rule where instructors drill basics, sparring and “bunkai” equally. Also if they are using the kata as way to reference technique in a syllabus that is fine too. The main thing is for the students to get better at effective technique.

Unless they are just doing it for fun, which again is fine.

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