Online karate – AKA Karate Poole & Kickboxing

Online karate

Online karate

Principals and practices we have covered in online karate:

Continuous linear unless a clear opening is bad practice.
Side way, diagonal, pivot movements are safer and more practical. Use this type of movement for attack, counterattack and defence.

Guard: Make sure you hands are in a tight defensive position with lead hand in front of your rear hand. Height is your preference as long as you can quickly react to different level strikes and clinching. After an attacking combo it’s advisable to finish with a lead hand strike to be in a effective defensive and attacking position. You can also finish combos with lead kicks to be in this same position (such as lead side and front push kicks).

Stance: You should be flexible and explosive. You must be able to use both your feet and hips to generate power in striking/wrestling and defensively. Keep both legs bent to utilise explosive movement.

Combinations: Employ a variety of combinations using different levels left/right sides and technique. Use all the above to maintain effective attack.

Punching and Kicking: Full body strikes. Use your whole body with strikes not just hips. Footwork, shoulders and core must be utilised too. When punching go beyond square hips and add you shoulder power to get maximum power. When kicking learn slightly back to push your hips forward.

Torque: using the torque technique where applicable in spinning attacks. This method is commonly used by KWF karate.

Bunkai: Kata is more than a dance. Kata must be studied to obtain effect combative principles. Note: make sure your bunkai is effective either by pressure testing or following commonly proven effective technique. Don’t try and force ineffective technique just because it looks like the kata. Further your study by actually following expert advise and practice. Such as takedowns and joint locks.

Fitness: Solo practice can be treated like a HIIT session. Set an interval timer and get you heart rate up. But please try and maintain good form. Also make sure you warm up and stretch after to avoid injury.

Flexibility: Where possible we stretch after an online session. The best time to stretch is after practice when you joints, muscles and tendons are nice and warm.

Have fun: enjoy the sessions. We often add virtual sparring or pad work to add some fun to the sessions. These are also effective drills to improve your karate.

Speak to the instructor: Your instructor is there to help and always open to changing or adding elements 🙂

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  • Great sessions! Some really good points in here 👍🏼

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